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eCommerce Lite

Dealers can choose to display or hide product prices on the website.
Customers submit orders without entering their public bank card or
CRA information online. At the point of sale, the customer simply
selects "Submit Quote" and you will automatically receive an e-mail
prompting you to contact the customer and collect their public bank
card or CRA information over the phone. For dealers who choose
the eCommerce Lite option with pricing, prices shown will be the
suggested list price by default, but can be changed to your specific
in-store pricing through real-time Dealer Management System
integration or manual price uploads. For dealers who choose this
option without pricing, product prices are not displayed.

United States Canada

eCommerce Complete

Customers can enter their public bank card or CRA information
and complete their sales transactions online. Dealers choosing
eCommerce Complete will need both an online merchant service
account (obtained through the dealer's merchant service provider)
and a CNH Gateway account (obtained through providers such as
Authorize.net and Orbital/Chase Paymentech) to automatically
validate public bank cards before sending it to the online
merchant service account for processing. For CRA processing,
dealers must be on the CNH Gateway and have corresponding
merchant credentials. For maximum flexibility, dealers can choose eCommerce Complete with the eCommerce Lite option that includes

United States Canada